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What Floor Liners Should You Get For Your 2020 Hyundai Palisade?

Hyundai Palisade Leather Interior

If you have purchased a brand new vehicle or are still waiting to take delivery one of those items you should always have on standby is floor liners. Floor liners are much better at protecting your interior compared to traditional floor mats. The reason for this is because they provide additional protection along the sides and fully cover your footwell.

There are no shortage of options but I am providing three choices that really come down to quality and style for you to choose from.

Smart Liners: Best Value

Smart Liner is certainly the best bang for buck brand. You can get all three rows and a cargo liner for around $280. Compared to some of the competition you will be spending a similar amount just for the first three rows of mats (with no cargo liner). Their design is also quite minimalist and blends quite well into the floor as opposed to having a polarizing design. They look very similar to weather tech floor liners in this regard.

These are not my personal first choice but its such a good value that I can’t help but recommend it. Many customers are thrilled to use these liners and I haven’t seen any widespread issues reported on them by Palisade Owners (and I have asked).

Tux Mat Liners: Polarizing Style

Hyundai Palisade Tux Mats

Tux Mat Liners get a lot of praise from their owners but personally, I am not a fan of their styling. Some owners describe them as being more luxurious while others think they look odd and in my opinion they are the latter. I personally don’t want the floor liners in my vehicle to be a focal point I want them to blend in well, and be well made. While these are well made and comfortable I am just personally not a fan of their style. Also, Tux Mat Liners are more expensive than the equivalent Smart Liners (found above) starting at $290 without the inclusion of a cargo liner but if you really love the style by all means go for it!

Weathertech: Pricey But Solid

Hyundai Palisade Weathertech Floor Liners

Weathertech is pricey compared to smart liners but they end up being less expensive than Tux Mats. For the first three rows you can purchase them for around $260. A cargo liner though will set you back an extra $110 or so.

Weathertech makes high quality products and they are all made in the United States if that’s important to you. Smartliners effectively get their styling ques from Weathertech in the fact they are minimalist and blend into the floor quite well. You get three color options: Black, Grey and Cocoa on the Hyundai Palisade (even on the beige interior) I personally found the black to be the best. Cocoa is a nice color if you’re wanting a warmer feeling (and I found they were best on the Beige interior).

Other Finds

While these products didn’t make it into my top three they also have some solid reviews many of them I personally just didn’t like the styling.

ToughPro Floor Mats: I was asked about these when researching the article and these are floor mats. They offer less protection and I personally didn’t like their styling. Their materials are good but I highly recommend spending the extra money on proper protection in the form of a floor liner.

Husky Liners: I was asked about these but I couldn’t find an offering for all three rows. I wouldn’t recommend purchasing floor mats unless there is availability for the third-row otherwise the one time you do have someone sitting back their your floors will never look the same!

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  1. I just bought a Palisade this week and I am absolutely floored that I cannot find a rubber mat that will fit on the back of the third-row seats and in the cargo space to protect whether the 3rd row is up or down. I know VW has the muddy buddy and Toyota has it built-in. The only thing that I can find to fit the Palisade is carpeted and not ideal for my uses. Any suggestions?

    • Personally I bought the tuxmats for my palisade they fit great and are easy to clean coverage is good. I will note the clips that are included to lock it into place is a bit of a drag to get setup but afterwards I haven’t taken them out so it worked out well.


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