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Does The 2021 Hyundai Palisade Have Wireless Apple CarPlay / Android Auto?

Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is a fairly new bit of tech even in the luxury car space it’s not all that common. While there have been aftermarket wireless adapters for what feels like forever, it has not been supported by manufacturers until recently.

However, for the 2021 car year Hyundai added support for wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Though, there is a very big asterisk regarding who gets access to the feature. If, you have the Base SE model or SEL without the upgraded 10.25 inch display you have the feature. If you have an SEL fully loaded, Limited, or Calligraphy you don’t have access to this feature.

Why Don’t Higher Trims Support Wireless CarPlay?

This, is a bit of a tricky question my assumption is that the hardware to support it is probably there but its likely being locked out from a software standpoint (though I have no way of proving the inclusion of said hardware). This was probably done because those lower models do not have access to factory navigation and Hyundai has been making a lot of improvements to their head unit software.

Some of the changes came from swapping to using data instead of HD radio to get traffic information (this was done via a software update in 2020). It seems like Hyundai is trying to get more users to use the baked in navigation (probably out of a push from the distributor and developer of the head unit software its self). Though I am inclined to say I tend to use factory navigation when I can on most vehicles due to the integration with the gauge cluster, or the HUD if the vehicles comes equipped with that feature.


If you’re on the base SE Hyundai Palisade, or SEL without the upgraded display you have access to wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. If you don’t you don’t have access to the feature though they might add support for it in a future update down the line.

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