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Does the 2020 Kia Telluride come with remote start?

2020 Kia Telluride Center Console

The Kia Telluride and it’s cousin the Hyundai Palisade both have a very similar feature set. That being said, this is a feature where they differ. Yes, they both come with a remote start system. The Kia Telluride comes with a remote start system only through its UVO app.

Remote Start Only Available Through UVO

Kia’s UVO app and its related online portal are the only way to remote start your Kia Telluride. UVO, for those looking to purchase, this is simply Kia’s app and infotainment system. It allows you to start the car via their app, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

On pen and paper, these are all good things but be warned there is no remote start on the key fob. The Palisade, by comparison, does come with a remote start button on the fob which makes this a very strange omission. Many owners complain the app system many times glitches out, doesn’t work, and they have even started a petition to get it added.

There Are After Market Solutions

The only real option is to turn to the aftermarket. You should consult either with a dealership to do the installation or another service provider whom you trust. I won’t suggest any specific kits here but do consult with an installer to make sure it’s compatible if this is something you need.

Let me know your thoughts and if Kia should have included this feature stock. If you have a suggestion for an aftermarket kit please feel free to suggest one in the comments below.

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  1. I’ve contacted KIA to register my complaint about having to pay an annual fee to remote start my Telluride SX. UVO is slow and expensive.

    Also, I contacted a KIA approved aftermarket installer who won’t install on a vehicle with UVO because of problems with battery drain. The only solution is to have KIA provide an OEM key fob like the Hyundai Palisade has. KIA hasn’t gotten back to me yet.


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