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Does The Hyundai Palisade Auto Lock Doors When You Walk Away?

Many manufacturers have different approaches to handling how a car locks your doors, what unlocks and when it unlocks. For instance, some manufacturers will automatically lock the doors when they detect your key is away from the vehicle. This a very frequent question asked not only by owners but potential owners in various online groups.

The answer is no if you’re in the United States the Hyundai Palisade will not auto-lock the doors when you walk away. However, this feature does exist in other markets.

No, United States Customers Do Not Have Walk-away Lock

So, while we do not have it I am not sure as to why as I doubt there is a hardware limitation here. If the car can detect when you’re approaching it for approach lighting it should be able to detect when you’re walking away. Thus the locking feature should in theory be able to be added in a software update. Although, full screen Android Auto can also be added in a software update and it has yet to be added as of yet.

For now, you just have to remember to lock the door. Whether you do this from the mobile app, your key fob, or the button on the door at least you have plenty of options!

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