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Hyundai Palisade Map Update Version 14 What’s New

The 2020 Hyundai Palisade has a new feature drop for its map software (as well as some other goodies). The update can be found on the official Hyundai Mapcare website. However, let’s first take a look at some of the new features and improvements for your Palisade.

More Locations & Better Mapping

As to be expected there are around 97,000 new points of interest added to the mapping software and 57,000 miles of new roads were added to help you navigate. Furthermore a bit of a more important feature is that the maps are now using “Server Based Routing”. What this effectively means is instead of relying only on the local computer to map you to your destination the vehicle can connect to the cloud. This can lead to faster and more accurate routing to get you to your destination faster. It’s not currently known if this includes traffic monitoring (similar to how Google Maps and Waze route you through traffic).

The maps, now also list points of interests to further improve the mapping experience. Also the current vehicle speed will also be listed on the head unit when in the mapping software.

Several thousand new restaurants were also added to the mapping software by integrating with “La Viste” which can provide general information about the restaurant in addition to helping you navigate to them.

You’re also now able to search for gas stations by price which can be helpful if you’re in a market where gas is really expensive (looking at you California). But if you’re not worried about the price of gasoline you can atleast customize the appearance of your maps by selecting three new themes Milk, Cafe Latte, and Mocha.

Weather information was also added to the navigation allowing you to get general information of the weather at your destination. It can also help you route around areas where there might be storms if you so wish.

Red Light & Speed Camera Alerts

If you’re an avid user of sport mode, good news if you’re using the default navigation you will nwo get red light cameras and speed light camera alerts. Now, while we don’t condone speeding through red lights this can at the least stop you from getting caught and fined by a machine!

But, it’s highly recommended that you simply don’t speed or run red lights but sometimes that is easier said than done!

More Cool Stuff

There are still plenty of new features to discuss such as for media playback screens the cover art will be used as the background for the player. There looks to have also been some improvements to the performance of the media playback menu.

You now get some cool Sounds Of Nature which is found under Media – Sounds Of Nature there are several options under here including Forest, Sea Wave, Cafe, Fire Place, etc. It’s kind of a gimmicky feature but it can be useful if you’re someone who just wants background noise but don’t want it to be music.

Split Screen For Android Auto & Apple CarPlay

So, the Palisade lacks on the widescreen support for Android Auto but this is a good improvement. You will be able to split the screen in half to display another function while in Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. So if you’re for instance wanting to display the weather while using Android Auto for navigation you are now able to do so.

Now, I personally would have preferred they simply update to declare support for widescreen Android Auto but this is “fine”.

Closing Thoughts

These were the most important new features in my opinion there are some other minor improvements but these are the most important features. I hope that Android Auto does get some more love, and that hopefully at some point the Palisade receives a Wifi Hotspot in the 2021 model.

If you’re looking for an entire list of changes with graphics click here!

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  1. Any way to add Wifi to the Palisade?

    • Yes I recommend looking at your wireless carrier they sell products that connect to your obd2 port. Verizon has hum, at&t has Harman spark


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