Celebrating Dinovember

FIMG_2200irstIMG_2202, the back story: Dinovember was created by a mom and dad whose kids were huge dinosaur fans. Each night in November, the parents arranged the dinosaurs throughout their home, with the dinosaurs causing mischief and wreaking havoc in their home. If you’re familiar with Elf on the Shelf, this is almost identical to that. The idea of celebrating Dinovember has become viral, with children in over 45 countries now celebrating it. The parents who created Dinovember have also releas ed a book showcasing their hilarious pictures, called What the Dinosaurs Did Last Night by Refe and Susan Tuma.

After hearing of the adorable ways that families were celebrating Dinovember, our library decided that this would be the perfect passive program to do in November. While our dinosaurs don’t go around causing quite the same amount of mischief, we do have them get into some sticky situations within the library. Our library dinosaur changes locations each week, rather than every night, to make it easier on our staff. We have IMG_2207advertised this through word-of-mouth, social media, and with signage through the Children’s Department. When the children “find” the dinosaur that’s hidden, they come up to our reference desk to tell us what they saw the dinosaur doing. The children earn a dinosaur temporary tattoo for finding the dinosaur.IMG_2203

We also have a craft available for children to do during the month of November. The craft is a dinosaur crown, a pretty simple craft that works for all ages and is easy for staff to replenish as needed. Our display cart contains a wide assortment of dinosaur books, and the first week of November’s storytimes were ALL about dinosaurs. At the end of the month, we’re having Paleo Joe come to the library to do a dinosaur program. He is wildly popular within libraries for putting on dinosaur/fossil programs, and we’re so excited to have him as the ending to a successful month-long passive program.

Have any other libraries celebrated Dinovember? We had a lot of positive responses about it, and the children really enjoyed searching for the dinosaur’s new  location each week. You can  read Hafbouti’s post on her library’s experience promoting Dinovember, as well as an ALSC post about Dinovember.

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